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Mr. Mann has been writing about medicine for a national audience for the past 30 years. His cover stories in Time and USA Weekend magazines have earned him television and radio appearances and recognition as one of the leading medical journalists in the country.

His cover story on neurosurgeon Keith Black for Time Magazine’s 1997 Heroes of Medicine special issue became a book, with Mann as co-author with Dr. Black. Other Time features, most notably his environmental expose on Southwest Airlines’ San Antonio reservations center, plus his series of USA Weekend cover stories on the toxic mold threat in homes, schools, and apartment buildings, have made him a leading reporter in the environmental health field. He was keynote speaker at the national EPA "Healthy Indoor Environments 2000" conference in Dallas.

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Besides his feature work for Time and USA Weekend, Mr. Mann has also been a contributing writer to various publications of the National Institutes of Health, including NIDA Notes, Connections and The Record. In 2005, he served as personal writer for Dr. Andrew Von Eschenbach, Director of the National Cancer Institute, and oversaw publication of the institute’s annual progress report to Congress.

Mr. Mann has also covered medical conferences nationally for the International Medical News Group, which publishes specialty newspapers for physicians, including Internal Medicine News, Skin & Allergy News, Clinical Psychiatry News, Pediatric News, OB-Gyn News and Family Practice News.


From 1990 to 1997, Mr. Mann was publisher for the Armand Hammer-founded STOP CANCER research funding organization. For 7 years, he published the program for the STOP CANCER Weekend Sports Classic, one of LA’s premiere charity events. The four color magazine, published by Mann Media, grew from 64 pages in its first year to over 180 pages, with a 30-page travel section that featured an international array of high-end resort advertisers.

During these years, Mr. Mann continued to write for national publications. In 1992, he covered a midwinter airdrop to the National Science Foundation science stations at the South Pole for Air and Space Magazine. After ten years living in Bethesda, Maryland, Mr. Mann returned to Los Angeles, where he co-wrote "Brain Surgeon: A Doctor's Inspiring Encounters with Mortality and Miracles" with Dr. Black.

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His most recent books include “The Power of Enzymes,” which he co-authored with Dr. Paul Nemiroff, and “The Enzyme Advantage, for Health Care Providers and People Who Care About Their Health,” which he co-authored with Dr. Howard Loomis, bringing to national attention an entirely new approach to personal health and national health care. He is currently co-authoring a second book with Dr. Loomis, due out in May 2016, on women’s health.



A native New Yorker, from 1980 to 1983, he was managing editor of the Playboy Jazz Festival Magazine in Los Angeles, during which time he also wrote his first cover stories for The Los Angeles Herald Examiner’s Sunday Magazine.

In 1982, Mr. Mann began writing a featured column, called “INNERVIEWS” for Emmy Magazine (the magazine of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences). For ten years, he conducted and wrote all the feature interviews and profiles for Emmy. Among those he interviewed were: TV news legend Walter Cronkite, producer David Wolper, network presidents Don Ohlmeyer, Grant Tinker and Brandon Tartikoff; MGM president David Gerber, child star Jackie Cooper, Public Citizen hero Ralph Nader, Lily Tomlin and Cybill Shepherd. The decade-long series was a virtual Who’s Who history of television.

From 1969 to 1973, Mr. Mann served in the USAF. He was part of the security force safeguarding American nuclear weaponry in Korea.

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